CCA- an aesthetic drive

The School believes that co-curricular activities play a vital part to balance the multifaceted educational programme. It provides students the range of experience and opportunities that help them in developing their personality. The school gives enough opportunities to showcase their talent.

SRS Scouts and Guides

Aiming to provide better contribution to education of young people, through a value system using their abilities to the betterment of the community in which they live as responsible citizens, Scouts and Guides is inducted in the SRS Heritage School too. The enthusiastic training session progresses under the Scouts Masters on every Saturday.

Zonal Level Inter-School Competition

To nurture the talents of SRS pupils in sports and to mould them into competitions, additional specialized sports coaching also planned after the school hours namely Basket Ball, Volleyball, Leather cricket, skating and Shuttle Badminton.

Boost up Classes for the slow learners

Boost up classes are planned everyday between 3.20 p.m and 4.40 p.m. The teachers concerned to the subjects are taking the classes after the school hours. In these classes individual attention is given to the students to make them compete with their peers.

SRS Commandos

Inculcating self-discipline is the best way of organizing things in the right path. Specially selected a pair of students from each section is purposefully trained to maintain the campus to assist the teachers and the elected leaders in day to day activities.


The School has its own fleet of buses. Each bus has a driver and an attendant who is provided with mobile phone for the easy access of the parents along with complete safety and security of the children. School bus transport is available for the entire city.

Cultural Clubs

SRS Heritage School is initiating the Dance, Music, Taekwondo, Art and Craft, Handwriting, Abacus, Vedic Mathematics, Skating, Sports and games are planned after school hours to promote the hobbies and interests among the students. This will be the platform for the students, who are good at co-curricular activities to boost their talents.

Scientica - Science Exhibition

There is an extension and further consolidation of the educational Program that starts at the primary stage. Besides the academic subjects, a third language is taught from Class VI, VII and VIII.

SRS Sports Meet

School gives the room to tap the sportive talents in the students and PE teachers take up games and Yoga classes frequently as per the master time table and additional coaching classes are planed after school hours for the aspirants. School organizers sports meet in grand way in the alternate academic year.

Our Schooling

Pre School/Pre Primary - SRS Blue Gems

At the pre-primary level, educational programmes based on Montessori philosophy and method are followed. There are 24 large well equipped training halls, where the tiny tots learn in an informal way with the help of specially designed apparatus under the supervision and guidance of trained and experienced teachers. Special attention is paid to facilitate the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the child through a series of well-coordinated activities. There is no academic work in the name of homework, its homefun and every child is allowed to progress at his/her own pace.

Primary - SRS Heritage School

At this stage formal teaching of academic subjects such as English, Hindi, Maths, Social Studies, General Science and EVS are introduced. Stress is laid on balanced and harmonious development based on a judicious mix of academics, creative art, physical education, yoga, educational tours, excursions and outing. CCE always stands as an unparalled assessment structure for Primary level, so same is followed.

Higher Primary and Junior secondary - SRS Heritage School

We follow assessment structure as per the guidelines of CBSE & ICSE. School emphasis much on competitive teaching and target based results.