Our Campus and Curriculum

SRS Heritage School is an English Medium, co-educational day school set in an idyllic 4 acres campus. Its serene location, secure environment, aesthetic infrastructure and complementing ambience make it an ideal setting to acquire knowledge. SRS Heritage School follows CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), and ICSE (Indian certificate of secondary education), which are the most progressive and accepted educational boards of studies in the country and abroad. Our curriculum is child oriented emphasizes learning at the individual’s space. The emphasis here is not the content but on the skills that a child needs to acquire.

Our Infrastructure


We have a spacious library with all kinds of books. In addition to containing books to meet the demand of the students and the faculty, the school library has a good stock of electronics knowledge material including CD / DVDs, documentaries and educational films. The library is equipped with textbooks, reference books, reading cards, fictions, and storybooks.

Boost up class for the slow learner

Well ventilated and ideally spacious classrooms have become an ideal place for the kids to give a flight of imagination. Age appropriate furniture will make them comfortable and safe. The positive vibes that one can feel within the walls can make learning here as fun and enlightening. IT enabled classrooms make learning as colourful and structured.

Computer Lab

Well-Equipped Computer, Mathematics and Science labs are the place of curiosity. Our labs which groom all our students in technological friendly and 21st century’s latest skills enabled. Which provides activities from 1 to 10th students and gives practical solutions to encourage applying in their daily life. The entire lab equipment is handy and instruction oriented.

Mathematics Lab

SRS Math Lab (Ramanujan Hall) is equipped with text based mathematics activities which makes hands on learning. Our lab provides mathematics activities from students of Grade I-X and gives practical solutions to encourage applying in their daily life. All mathematics lab equipments are handy and instructions oriented.


Monitoring is an essential aspect of the school life. Effective mentoring by the teachers is one of the finest ways of realizing the potential of a child, Every teacher in SRS Heritage is trained in the art of mentoring and primary aspects of counseling. Every teacher is allotted 10-12 students. The teachers is designated as mentor, who takes care of the physical, academic and psychological needs of his/her mentees. This mentor is called the school parent of the child. The mentor meets his/her mentees on regular basis to keep a track on child's behavior. Mentor also will have 1-2 rounds of house visits of their mentees to know the family culture of the child.

Science Lab

If you teach I forget, if you explain I remember, if you demonstrate | Understand. Science should be dealt to kindle student's curiosity. In this regard Science should be taught with more experiments. To make science Inquiry based learning, SRS composite lab and Science Park will help us to demonstrate it, practically and enjoy learning by doing. SRS Science Park is the first one in the entire central Karnataka. It has 28 experiments of physics, which creates the excitement to know about them.