About Our School

SRS Heritage School is managed and governed by Sri. Ranganatha Swamy Charitable and Educational Trust. The trust was established in the year 2013. The mission of the trust is to provide quality in the education in central part of Karnataka. The school is built on Indian ethos that seeped into our culture and values. Mr. B.A. Lingareddy, the President Sri. Ranganatha Swamy Charitable and Educational Trust has founded this institution. He is an edupreneur and is committed to enhancing the quality of education and thus contributing immensely to the development of society.

Our Vision

True learning is discovering the potentiality within, and to progress with confidence, discipline, joy, and excitement. It influences the mind through the heart to develop the self and others.

Our Mission

To nurture creative and passionate individuals to inculcate courage, empathy, social responsiveness, and a deep commitment to Indian culture and social values and culture.

Our Motto

Together, we create a loving community of purposeful learning that focuses on the child's body, mind, and soul. We teach demonstrate and encourage a love of learning, collaborating and compassion for others.

Principal’s Message

At SRS, It is our endeavor to delve deeper into the true purpose of education by providing opportunities and our students' positive environment, inspiring. Challenging and stimulating. We want each one of our students to follow their bliss, blaze a new trail and open new doors. I am proud of parents and teachers, who care, nurture and reassure the children so that they grow into mature, sensitive and responsible citizens of the country.

Education has always been a corner stone of society, the pillar on which the bulwark of human existence rests, the leading light as mankind made his way in quest of the unknown. While the art and science of education have undergone changes since the time of yore, every educationist strives to instill in every student of virtue, wisdom, sensitivity to the needs of others, the skill, the attitudes and habit that would help. I assure SRS will always remain the quest for them to explore and excel, a knowledge and the power of action. All the foremost temple of learning, where equal, those would propel each one to an all opportunities are provided to all. So that they rise to their fullest potential, important goal-excellence.